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The door that ticks all the boxes

Why choose Xtremedoor?

Because who doesn’t want to improve the look of their home, guard against break-ins and save on heating bills?

Xtremedoor VS Other doors 

How does our door compare with industry standard specifications?

4MM GRP SKIN: (standard are 2mm or less which do not pass Doc Q), Doc Q compliant, high impact resistant, low maintenance and UV stable

5 HOOK LOOK: (standard is 2 hook), increased security, tighter seal (can withstand hurricane force winds), anti-snap, pick, drill and bump cylinders

TRIPLE-SEAL FRAME: (standard are dual seal), 2 brush - 1 bubble, weatherproof (eliminating drafts), low U-Values (keeps in heat)

25 YEAR HARDWARE GUARANTEE*: (standard is 12 months), 25 year finish guarantee, corrosion proof, salt spray tested *on premium letter plates and handles.

Links Collection

The ‘Links’ composite door brings together the current desire or premium aluminium door sets, but with all the material and value-for-money benefits that the market expects from composite doors. Designed to match and complement aluminium profile, the ‘Links’ door looks like aluminium, feels like aluminium but consists of 4mm GRP skin on a 44mm composite slab using VL and timber sub frame with a CFC-Free Polyurethane core.

Glazing that'll blow your mind

Inox Glazing

The Inox Collection of contemporary doors combine the high-performance of a ‘Links’ smooth composite door, with finely grained 316 grade stainless steel glazing frames. Not only do they add a distinctive European flair, they also give a truly contemporary look and are guaranteed to keep their high shine and stunning looks for years to come.

Urban Glazing

The Urban Collection of contemporary doors is setting new standards in modern, upmarket entrances, allowing for a unique, clean and authentic style that’s customised for each individual home. All styles use the unique ‘Links’ smooth composite door, which are glazed using a brand new contemporary chamfered cassette system with a colour-matched finish.

Extreme security, style and warmth!

Get high levels of security, thermal insulation and weatherproofing with an XtremeDoor. Specialising in high performance composite doors, XtremeDoor has been designed with modern homeowner needs in mind.

There are thousands of different combinations of XtremeDoor so you can be confident you’ll find the right one for you in our collection. There are a great selection of styles and extras to choose from to complete the look of your door.

The Great British weather is no match for an XtremeDoor. A triple sealed outer frame and high insulating core leaves you worry free when it comes to the cold. And by keeping the heat in, an XtremeDoor can help reduce your heating costs.




Nothing is more important than the security of your home and our composite doors ensure your safety is never compromised. Keep intruders at bay with security features such as a five point locking system and an anti-snap, bump and drill cylinder designed to withstand the three main attack methods during a burglary. *Secured by Design

Secured by Design is a police initiative put in place to reduce burglary and crime in the UK by designing out crime through physical security and processes.

XtremeDoor achieves this accreditation and by having one installed in your property you’re not only doing your bit to help stamp out crime in your area, you’re making your home a safer place to live too. Make the upgrade today and have complete confidence your home is secure.

Tested by the police

As part of XtremeDoor’s security testing we teamed up with the Police to ensure our composite doors could hold their own when confronted with a potential intruder.

During testing even the police’s finest had trouble gaining entry to it using an Enforcer! But it goes to show how secure an XtremeDoor really is. Gaining entry is both noisy and requires specialist tools so rest assured your home is safe.

Thermal Efficiency

Upgrading your front door to something more thermally efficient is an easy way to make your home warmer and help cut down on your energy consumption. XtremeDoors are better at insulating than timber – six times better than timber, in fact – so you can relax in a warmer, more comfortable environment.

Stay warm in the winter

Use less energy and still enjoy a warm home by replacing your front door with an XtremeDoor. A combination of a high insulating foam core and PVCu edgebanding makes XtremeDoor incredibly thermally efficient, keeping your home warmer when it’s colder.

Save money on your energy bills

A draughty front door leaks heat and lets cold enter your home. Having the heating on only for it to escape through your door is wasting energy and costing you money. Not to mention paving the way for damp to creep into your home.

XtremeDoor stops draughts, keeping the heat in and saving you money on your energy bills. 

Weather resistance

Come rain or shine, XtremeDoor is built to resist the elements. Extremes of temperatures can play havoc on some doors, exposing them to problems like warping and cracking, but not with XtremeDoor. No swelling doors during winter.

If you have an old wooden door you’ll know it can become stuck, especially during the winter or when it’s been raining heavily. This is due to moisture getting into the door causing it to swell and get stuck. It can also lead to rotting if left unchecked and can be costly to replace.

Thanks to a water proof skin and triple sealed uPVC outer frame your XtremeDoor will never swell or stick as no moisture is able to get into it. No cracking, peeling or fading.

Painted timber doors and some foiled uPVC front doors are susceptible to cracking under heat. Sunlight can fade colours, crack coloured and woodgrain foils, peel paint and even warp the door itself.

XtremeDoor skins are made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and won’t fade, crack or warp, so your door will carry on functioning perfectly whatever the weather.


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